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Compact Quantitative Immunoassay Analyzer


Easy to use : Ready to use cassette, one step test, automatic print, quantitative result



Lateral flow chromatography (Colloidal gold)


  1. Hb A1C
  2. Micro ALB
  3. NGAL (Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin)
  4. CysC
  5. β2-MG
  6. cTnI (Troponin I)
  7. CK-MB/cTnI/Myo Combo
  8. NT-proBNP
  9. NT-proBNP/cTnI Combo
  10. D-Dimer
  11. HCG
  12. Hs-CRP
  13. PCL (Prolactin)

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